Last “cleanse” is done… and so am I.

Sooo I went with doing a cleanse every week because I wanted to be all kinds of hardcore. I also went with working out like an insane person for an hour and a half four times a week. I NEVER cheated… until.

So last weekend I had to meet my boyfriend’s mom, I decided to have my one meal a day for lunch as we were going for a vegan high tea. Again, NOTHING crazy. I immediately gained 4 lbs back on the scale. In ONE day. It was enough to cause the kind of rage and fury that I needed a nap. I had a strong suspicion that this diet was one that can not end without instant rebound as it’s so chemically balanced and restrictive. I was right.

When my “coach” told me about staying on this shit… for life… I was already beginning to look into alternative options. I need something FAR more sane.

This is how I stumbled on the 5:2 diet. It’s what you’ve been doing on cleanse days (but less insane, 500 cals) and then you act like a NORMAL eating human for the other 5 days a week. I need the normal back.

I will keep up with the bloggity now but maybe this little project is going to turn into a different kind of diet journey… one that ends with balance and feeling sane. Let’s hope!

5:2 plan… starts right meow! Wish me luck ❤

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