10. More. Days.

A stone gone and that’s enough for me to feel good in all my old clothes again. It’s also enough for me to feel like I get the gist of this whole thing… after my next cleanse, I am going to switch back to the vega one shakes and a 5:2 diet until I get down another stone.

I feel like I let the little blog down butttt I did say I was going to give this thing a REAL review. Honestly, the shit is not great. Unless you plan on giving $5k a year towards drinking mystery concoctions everyday forever and ever, it’s probably better to look into hitting the gym a few days a week and coming to terms with the fact that we can’t all be super models.

I was saying to a friend that it would be nice to have ONE day where I didn’t find myself either berating myself (for poor choices) or praising myself (for healthy ones). Just ONE DAY where I didn’t actually think about food in that way AT ALL. My mother is bumping up against 64 years old and the woman still picks at meals and runs every day. She always says that she thought she would just stop worrying about how she looked at some point but it never happens.

The world is in the weirdest of times. We all feel like everything is a bit unstable. Luckily, we also live in a time where body hatred is being challenged and we need to rally behind that idea. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t be healthy. Working out and making choices that help our bodies get shit done is obviously ideal… but also, let yourself live a little. Enjoy this life stuff.

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