Day… 12? 13? I forget because this shit makes my brain dumb.

Today was the first day of this thing where I checked out. I didn’t cheat or anything, I just suddenly remembered I am on a diet that eludes scientific questioning and trials… and makes me go to the bathroom in abnormal ways.

I woke up with that, “I might shit might pants if I don’t run” feeling and that continued throughout the morning as well as what felt like running cramps (you know those ones in your hip-ish area that stab?) all day. I asked my “coach” about it and she seemed sure that it was “probably fine”.

I made the mistake of googling it. Turns out a lot of people are essentially peeing out their arssholes for the entire 30 days of this thing. Cool.

I’m starting to think that these “IsaMoves” (IsaFlush in the US) are just massive ass laxatives? I might compare the ingredients.

Either way… the weakness from the morning of hell has left me unmotivated to hit the gym and overall just exhausted. It’s the first time I have felt this way on the plan so I am a little shocked. I need the energy and excitement back before I hit up my very first british garden party tomorrow at which I plan to not eat and just drink water. Aren’t I going to be the life of the party?? The things we do for a few lbs, am I right?

To be fair, I was able to buy a size 6 dress instead of a 10 for this shindig… but they should maybe tell you more about how you should prepare to be a socially inept loser for the 30 days. This is the second time that I am going to eat before going somewhere just to prevent messing up the calorie count. I abhor how uncool I am on this diet.

Sunday is the halfway-ish (two weeks out of 30 days) mark… as of this morning I was down 12 lbs. If I can break the 25 mark on this thing, the hermit/”water chugging weirdo at the party” behavior will be worth it.

Would love to know how others are finding it… honestly.

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