One week down!

One week. Eight pounds and a slimmer figure. Not bad.

I will say being on your monthly death cycle during this thing is less than great. I have endometriosis but I will say the cramps seem to be lighter this time around. Not sure if that’s because they don’t have anything to cramp onto. My poor little empty stomach.

I know that snacks, other than the brown cardboard discs, are supposedly allowed but because they weren’t listed on the british pamplet (the US one looks completely different apparently) I was avoiding snacks altogether. Today, I had to enlist the help of an apple to get through the ol’ period cravings. I still managed to make it to the gym so I figured an apple was fair compensation.

Looking forward to the second cleanse on Tuesday and Wednesday as that first round brought the most dramatic change.

Also, can we talk about the BM’s on this thing? They’re facking terrifying.

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