Day 6…

Day 5 went off without a hitch and I was SO excited for dinner and to be able to consume human food again. The boyfriend has been tabulating the calories in each dinner he makes and last night was a banger. Tofu sausage with edamame pasta and veg. Easy and less than 500 cals.

Tonight presents a new problem and with it has come the onslaught of some serious food anxiety. It doesn’t help that my period is knocking and with it comes my desire to eat ALL the things. I have resisted thus far but tonight we’re going out to dinner with friends and I am SO nervous about accidentally eating more than the 600 cals. I feel like I will be secretly calculating all the calories with my phone under the table so no one thinks I am INSANE (which I am). I even peeped at the menu to see if I could start figuring out the best option before we go. Stuff like that makes me love and HATE dieting.

I just have that goal in mind and don’t want to do ANYTHING to mess it up accidentally. It would just be such a bummer to go this far and spend this much money and not see results because I messed up on a night out that I could have easily skipped.

I might just prepare myself something at home and claim that I am sick at dinner and not eat. It’s easier not to eat than to nibble and then catch myself piling them all on. Anyone else have this problem??

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