I don’t want to like it, but I do.

Soooo- I am down 8 lbs. EIGHT pounds in four days. I want to hate how horrible the plan is and how unnatural it all tastes etc but… eight pounds… in four days.

The cleanse was actually really easy. To be fair, I was dieting before I started this so I was already in that, “mode”. I am vegan as well so I was used to snacking on raw veg and none of this plan was all that dramatic for me. If your eating habits were more along the lines of a college frat boy, then I would imagine this plan is far, far worse. I found myself pretty happy to have the relief of the shakes (which STILL make me gag) on the cleanse days so I went ahead and ordered two more of the cleanse jugs.

My “coach” said it’s fine to do two cleanse days every 5 shake days and frankly, I am just tempted to see how far I can push this thing. I am working out on every shake day (I walked about 5 miles on the cleanse days but that’s normal for London) and I am hoping that the 5 days a week in the gym plus four cleanses instead of two will get me down a nice 30lbs before I fly back to the states for the summer. If I actually manage to drop 30, I will be the thinnest I have ever been. 5’7″ and 135. Yas please. I have some size 4 jeans that I have been tucking away.

Still though, I am not a convert. The plan seems like a quick fix (like crazy quick) and I do hope the weight stays off when  I switch to a 5:2 diet with veganism after but there is no way I would do it again… unless I had one of those weird baby things or something, I don’t plan on letting 20lbs creep on ever again.

How’s everyone else getting on?

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