Cleanse Day One.

Day three begins with the cleansing-ness. I am ready to be done with the day just to say that 10% of the thing is ovah. I am already so very sick of flushing the toilet.

Down another half pound this morning bringing the total to three pounds in two days. Not bad. I’ve lost faster on other diets in the past but who knows. I am hoping for a bigger drop after these fun little starvation days.

I read in one girl’s blog that she pretended the “snacks” were astronaut ice cream. It’s actually a pretty similar vibe if you’ve ever had them. I will say the perk of the day has been the ability to drink the Nourish for Life stuff. It seems to be the only liquid in this plan that doesn’t make me gag. Win. Considering I have to drink 4 cups of the stuff over the next 2 days, I am happy it’s gag-free.

Anyone else working out like mad while they do this? I am wondering if it’s having an effect on the slow loss. I wanted it to help but I worry that if I am at the gym sweating my arss off for an hour and a half every day that maybe I am getting too little calories? Thoughts?

It’s a cold (yes, cold… in facking end of JUNE!) day here in London and I miss food… how’s everyone else doing??

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