28.5 Days to go…

Day one ended and seemed simple enough. It’s the cleanse days that start tomorrow that have me scared shitless. Granted, I have pretty clean eating habits but zero food? For 48 hours? And don’t even tryyyy to tell me that those “snacks” are anything resembling actual food.

The gym was a nice way to kill some non-eating time yesterday so I plan on enlisting it most days just to keep my mind off of the next fluffy/sludge-y shake. I’ve also learned to only combine the shake mix with the minimum 8 oz and chug it as fast as I possibly can.

I felt myself looking around work today and saying, “all these women seem perfectly happy in their bodies the way they are, why not me?”. It’s a real bitch when you struggle between unrealistic goals and the idea that maybe you just weren’t made to be a tiny person. Of course, being healthy is of the utmost importance… but at some point… do women ever cut themselves a break with looking perfectly thin?

This is the kind of bullshit chatter I allow to creep into my head when I want to convince myself that the diet I am on is insane. I do wonder about the health benefits of this one specifically as it seems almost impossible to find anything scientifically backed about it online. Troublesome… but then again, my $400 is in Majorca having a great time so I am not about to waste it.

28 days to go… yes, I rounded down.


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