Day One- noon update… because… wow.

So I decided to opt against ice and try out the riveting strawberry flavor this time around. Equally as disgusting as the chocolate but with the added bonus of an almost, “strawberry candy gone bad, very bad” after taste. I am starting to think the worst part is the texture. It’s so … unnatural. For water to suddenly become thick… just no.

I also have to mention that even though I have been drinking a LOT more water today (probably about 6 cups already), mostly due to wanting to rinse out the shake taste, I have been on the toilet pissing like mad. I decided to start the diet on a Sunday (knowing that if I let the box even sit in the kitchen for one extra day, I would eat everything in sight knowing the start day was looming) but it makes me wonder how this peeing every 20 seconds thing is going to work while teaching. My school in London has three classes a day for 100 mins each. thats over an hour and a half with no pee. None.

You can’t just walk out on a room of 30 sixteen year olds and tell them to behave while you pee out your really overpriced cardboard bevvies. It’s making me trepidatious about tomorrow to say the least.

Also, I tried one of those “snacks” mid-morning just to see what it was. Horrible. Horrible is what it was. My boyfriend and I were putting together something from ikea at the time and when I had him try it he asked if I was fucking with him and if I was sure it wasn’t, “something that just fell out of the ikea box?”… he is also keenly aware of the cardboard nature of isagenix.

To be fair to it, half a day in and I do feel a bit more pep in my step… but that might just be the thought of dinner keeping me going. Now for the gym.

Keep calm and cardboard on.

❤ -a-

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